worst courses to study in nigeria universities

10 Worst Courses to Study in Nigeria Universities

What are the worst courses to study in Nigeria Universities? Before we proceed, we would like to point out that there are no bad courses to study in the university but what makes these courses bad to study depends on a lot of factors – such as geographical location, economic situation and the chances of employability.

With Nigeria being a developing country and with the state of the economic situation, it would be stupid to go the university and study some courses knowing fully well that getting employment with that certificate is nearly impossible. A lot has changed worldwide, people do not even get employed in the field they study in school but now acquire other knowledge and skills to make a living out of it.


Worst Courses to Study in Nigerian Universities

If your father is not Dangote or Otedola and you do not plan to set up a company with the course you have studied after graduation, then you need to think twice before committing your years to study these courses in Nigeria Universities. Outlined below are the worst courses to study in Nigeria Universities at the moment.

Crop Science

In some schools in Nigeria, this is also regarded as Crop, Soil and Pest. In developed countries, there is a better chance of getting a job but in Nigeria, your best bet is being employed by a farmer on a farm.

Crop scientists basically deal with crop developments in terms of soil and growth. No offence, but certainly one of the worst courses to study in Nigeria Universities in terms of employability.

Animal Science

This course falls under the same faculty with Crop Science. Animal science deals with animal production and anatomy; most people who study this course either start their own farm or go for further studies and start lecturing.

If your aim is to get employment with this course, your best bet is being employed as a farm manager. So, weigh your options and think twice before applying to study this at the University.


According to Wikipedia, horticulture is defined as the culture of plants, mainly for food, materials, comfort and beauty. Wikipedia further defines it as the growing of flowers, fruits and vegetables, and of plants for ornament and fancy; according to an American scholar.

In my years of being a Nigerian living in Nigeria, I’m yet to see organizations recruiting for this role. If you are not a rich man who just want to study this course for the passion or the fun of it then you will be making a mistake having this as a major. Certainly, one of the worst courses to study in Nigeria Universities.

Physical Education

Physical Education involves helping people keep fit and living a healthy life, a noble course. Most people who study this course in Nigeria end up becoming PE teachers in nursery and primary schools training and exercises kids during sporting events.

In developed countries, fitness and health experts take further courses and earn a lot working with organizations. In Nigeria, the chances of being employed are slim unless you start your own company.


Anthropologists study humans and human behaviour and societies in the past and present. Not once have I seen anyone being employed for being an Anthropologist in Nigeria.

Home Economics

This study deals with the relationship between individuals, families, communities, and the environment in which they live. In all honesty, people who study this in Nigeria end up teaching in Nursery and Primary schools and hardly get employed in organizations for studying this course alone.

Not among the best courses to pick up in a Nigeria University.

Christian Religious Studies

CRS or CRK as it is referred to in Nigerian secondary schools is taught by Teachers who went to the University to study this course. Nigeria being a religious country has so many pastors and clergymen, some called by God and others doing it for the ‘businesses. One would wonder why anyone would go to the University to study this when all about Christianity can be learnt in the Bible and having a close relationship with God.

If you don’t want to end up teaching CRS in a primary or secondary school, then you should think twice about studying this course.

Library Science

In Nigeria, going to the Library to read is not a culture that is widely embraced by all. These days there are so many resources online and those who would still love to read would rather do it in silence at the comfort of their homes or somewhere else other than the library.

If you studied this course in Nigeria and expecting to be employed with it, you are in for a tough time. Certainly, one of the worst courses to study in Nigeria Universities.


In Nigeria Universities, when a prospective undergraduate does not meet the required cut-off mark to gain admission for his/her preferred field of study and the University still want to offer the candidate admission, courses such as Zoology is given to the candidate. That says a lot about it.


Another course which is irrelevant to the Nigerian setting, the study of plants. The chances of being employed with this course are zero or non-existent just like its counterparts on this list.

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