O2tvSeries: How to Download TV Series & Season movies for free

This post contains the guide on how you can download seasons movies and Series from 02tvSeries.

If you like watching TV shows also known as Series then you are definitely going to like the 02tvseries website. It is one of the go-to sites for both old and new TV shows for many people. Chances are, you’ve heard of the website as it is pretty popular among TV show lovers and has been around for quite some time.

The website maintains a very neat format and has changed much since it went up. One of the reasons people still use O2tvseries is because of their User Interface which is everything simple and easy to understand even for a first-timer.

02TvSeries Review

Now, Logging on to the website the first thing you’re greeted with is the Home, List of all Tv series, and List All Genre options at the top of the website. These three options are very important for both first-timers and existing users of the website. You can use the home option to get to the homepage of the website from wherever you are on the website.

The “List All Tv Series” lists all the TV series currently on their website which is good for when you’re looking for a particular series and want to know if they have it.


Lastly, List All Genres. This is the best option of the three as it has a certain type of TV shows which includes Comedy, Action, Adventure and a little bit of Sci-Fi. With this option, you get to choose a genre and only all the TV series that fit that genre show up so you can choose from.

After that, you get the option to contact them on Facebook if you wish, maybe to request a TV series you want uploading or suggest a feature or upgrade to the website. You can also use the search bar to search for a TV series on the website.

Next on the list is the recently added category which has all the newest episodes of the TV series on the website including the date it is uploaded. It goes The name of the TV series, the season, the episode, and then the date.

This tab is what I use to follow up on the TV series I’m currently watching to know when a new episode goes up so I can download it. After the newly added categories come to the main TV series category which has been categorized alphabetically and grouped into three. So if you want to download a TV series starting with O, you choose the M-N-O category and browse through the list.

How to download on O2TvSeries.com

o2tvSeries download
  • Open your browser and visit www.o2tvseries.com
  • When the site opens, you will see a list current series on the website. Scroll down and locate the one you will like to download.
  • Once you get to the TV series you would like to download, e.g Big Bang Theory, select “B” while for Gotham click “G, Power season, click on it and it will take you to all the Seasons it has on the website.
  • Then, you can choose the season you want and select an episode you would like to download. You may or may not be asked to fill in a text or solve a CAPTCHA, if you’re asked to do that, do it and Click Download.
  • The Episode you’re about to download will start streaming, let it play and when it does, click on the three dots at the bottom right and select Download which is a down-facing arrow. Your download will start immediately.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about 02tvseries and how to download Series from the website as well.

Now you can keep up with your favourite TV shows and also watch some old classics like 24, power season 1 to 6. If you have any questions or issues about the o2tvseries website, feel free to leave a comment down in the comment section so we can sort it out.

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