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Nova Launcher Prime Apk Download for Android

Nova Launcher Prime apk is kinda the Premium version of the standard and free Nova Launcher which unlocks lots of new features. The standard Nova launcher as you may or may not know is perhaps the best Android Launcher on the Google Play Store. Nova Launcher as an Android Launcher lets you customise your screen. Now, customising your home screen can as simple as possible thanks to Nova Launcher Prime Apk available on Google play

You can change your apps Icons by Downloading and using lots of different icon packs as Nova launcher supports a whole lot icon packs out there. You can also customise your app drawer by grouping certain apps together for easy identification and access. Moving from one phone to another? Nova Launcher prime has a Backup and restores features that let you take your settings the way it is on your previous device to a new device. There is also a new night mode which can also be called the dark theme that you can set to automatically turn on or off at specific times of the day.

Nova Launcher has also been optimised for speed which makes it run effortlessly on your device and does slow down your device. The free version has lots of features but the paid version which is Nova Launcher Prime brings a few more. The Nova Launcher Prime is an in-app purchase inside the free Nova Launcher which cost about $2 and for that, you get Gestures which allows you do things like swipe, pinch and double tap on the home screen just to name a few.

It also has App Drawer Groups which you can use to group certain apps into different folders to have a more organised app drawer. You can also hide apps from your app drawer without installing them and also assign custom swipes gestures to home screen icon folders for custom actions. These are just some of the features available in the Nova Launcher Prime with even more features yet to come in Future Updates.

How To Download Nova Launcher Prime Apk

Downloading the Nova Launcher Prime Apk is simple, just follow the steps below.

  1.  You Visit the Nova Launcher Prime page on the Google Play Store and Pay for the app which is a one-time payment of about $2.00 and you can use the app on any device with your Google account signed in.
  2. Alternatively, You can download the Nova Launcher Prime Apk Mod from Apkmania on Google
  3. After downloading the Apk, Uninstall the Nova Launcher you have installed on your device if you already have it installed.
  4. If you don’t have the app installed already or you’ve uninstalled it, you can now go ahead and install the Nova Launcher Prime Apk Mod.
  5. Launch the App, Use it as your default Launcher and you can now use all the Nova Launcher features.
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