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30 Best Movie Download Sites to download and stream Movies for Free

With the best movie download sites to download and stream movies, you will be able to download and stream movies for free on your Android, PC, and iOS devices. In this article, you will see the list of the top 30 sites to download, watch and stream free movies online. In this era and age, you don’t need to go to the cinema just to enjoy high-definition movies.

From the comfort of your home or bedroom, you get to watch free HD movies online by visiting these movie download sites for free. These sites are home to thousands of movies waiting to be watched by you, no sign-up or subscription is required.

So if you are looking for the best movie download sites to watch and stream free movies online? then, you are on the right page as we list the sites to stream movies online.

These sites have thousands of movies waiting for your streaming pleasure, not all of the sites support downloading. Although you might be asked to pay little money for some of the movies, but trust me, it’s totally worth it.

Without further ado, these are the top sites to stream movies online.

Best Movie Download Sites to watch free HD movies online

Movie Download Sites


Bob movies is home to lots of high-definition movies from comedy, action, movie2019 to drama. Just go to the site and start watching for free without paying a dime. You can as well download any movie on the site for free. It is that easy. The website url is


Apart from movies, you also get to watch TV shows online without making any payment. Some movies are also available in FHD as well.


On, you get to stream the latest movies for free and download them later if you want. There are also a lot of TV shows on the site to watch. The site provides a list of links from torrents to download movies from.


Just like the name suggests, this is more like a community of people who offer movies and TV Shows online for people to stream for free. It provides great collections of movies released every year, most movies in Series, new movies to the most popular movies.

The website is quite clean with minimal ads and it is easy to navigate from one menu to the others. You equally have the option to stream and download in HD format. This is one of the best sites to download, watch and stream movies in HD for free.


Funny name, amazing movie collection. Gifts for men give you movies on a platter of gold. Get to watch the latest cinema movies online for free here.

6. Moviewatcher

Moviewatcher is home to over 300 various video hosters for streaming links, it also provides an easy way to stream movies online for free without paying.


This new movie streaming site was built with a unique design that makes it really hard to exit the site. No annoying pop-up ads it registration is needed to stream movies for free here.


It’s one of the most good-looking sites on this list. You get to select from over 60,000 movies to watch and enjoy. It is quite easy to use this site to download, watch and stream movies online, hence it is one of the best sites to watch and stream movies.


The name alone would give you a clue of what this site is all about. Watch movies for free on this website, with over 10,000 movies from Action, Comedy, Drama, and Horror genres.

10. IMDB

It’s one of the world’s most popular free movie streaming sites and one of the top 20 sites to watch free HD movies online. It has a smooth user interface and it’s very easy to use and navigate. IMDB has tons of free HD movies you can download using your mobile devices and it is one of the most trusted sites on this list.

11. Solarmovies

One of the best out there, watch amazing movies and TV shows from the comfort of your home on this site. With no signups.


YouTube is the world’s biggest video streaming platform. There are lots of channels on YouTube that produce amazing movies and TV shows, you just need to find them, subscribe, and stay glued.


You don’t need any registration to watch free movies here, making it one of the top sites to watch free HD movies online.

14. WatchOnline-Movie

This site has been running for quite some time now and it has the most amazing movie collection you will love.


You get some exclusive movies here that you would hardly find on other movie sites. You get to see movies in the form of an Archive.


Viewster is known for having no ads, it’s one of the most popular movies streaming sites right now. It also has a range of anime and animation cartoon HD for kids.


If you’re into learning about the world and languages then this site is for you. It houses movies from around the world, including Korean, Chinese, and Hindi movies as well.

18. Nyootv

If You’re into Bollywood movies then look no further, this site has all the Bollywood movies and TV shows you have been looking for.

19. FilmFM

This has the best Movie streaming category on this list. If you have a favourite movie actor or actress, you can search for their names to see their movies as well.

20. Imovietube

This lets you stream all the amazing movies and TV shows you need, from Hollywood to Bollywood and they are all in HD.


Simply the best movie streaming and downloading site out there. Stream & download full-length TV Series and movies from different genres. You need to pay to access some of the movies with just a little money. has a user-friendly interface as well, making it easy for users to search for the movies they are interested in.


This site has all the latest movies and Tv series as well. You will be able to download or stream movies from different countries like Hollywood, Bollywood & Chinese movies.

23. Rainierland

Another good site, one of the best movie sites out there. Provide movies in their official version and more, with lots of movies and TV series to choose from. Making it one of the top sites to stream movies online.

24. GenVideos

GenVideos has all kinds of movies and series from all genres, just like its name. And is one of the best Free movie streaming sites. It’s not free though, but the price to watch the latest movies is cheaper than going to the cinemas.

25. is equally another great site among the best Free movie streaming sites for free. Lots of movies and series are on this site, waiting for you to watch them. The site has a search button that’s very easy to use to search for your favourite movies.

26. CouchTuner

Be ready to enjoy the best and latest movies on CouchTuner, you can stream TV series as well. They also have one of the most up-to-date databases online. As soon as any new TV series episode is released, you will see it on CouchTuner in the next one hour making it one of the best Free movie streaming sites.

27. Vumoo

Vumoo is also a good site and one of the top sites to stream movies online. Boasting only full-length movies and not just half of them, it has full-length series as well for your streaming pleasure.


A free site for streaming TV shows and movies, if you want to download, you might need to register and pay a token. But overall, you will surely get great value for money with the latest movies.

29. is loaded in terms of the quality of movies. And you don’t need to sign up here to watch a movie. The movies, TV shows, and music on this site are categorized alphabetically making it easy for users to search. From thousands of movies available, you can easily search for your favourite.

30. MegaShare.Sc is also one of the top sites to stream movies online. With lots of the latest movies and TV shows to choose from, there’s also a cartoon section for kids.


Even though it has just hundreds of movies, they only post the most rated movies on its site. It is still one of the best free movie streaming sites you can visit to stream movies for free. So get ready for the latest and trending movies. With quality formats like 1080p and the rest.


These are the top sites to watch and stream movies online, and get the latest and breaking movies from this site. Watch exciting new TV shows as well, let us know if you have used these sites before. The best free movie streaming sites with no sign up to watch your favourite movies and TV shows, you don’t need to create an account all

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    The website does have some bugs when it comes to watching videos but the site is very easy to navigate and has a lot of anime that is all kept up to date. There are a couple that this site may not have in its inventory but it is still my preferred site.

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