Jumia Black Friday 2017 best deals and discounts

Jumia Black Friday 2021: Best Deal Tips

Jumia Black Friday 2021 on Nigeria’s top leading online store, Jumia will be giving breathtaking discounts on the items on their site this Black Friday season.

Although most Nigerians see Jumia Black Friday as a scam, as most of them think it’s unbelievable for any Nigerian store to pull off the true Black Friday discount sales. Well, Jumia has been doing the Black Friday sales for years now and lots of people including myself, have gotten deals for more than half the price.

When the ball is set rolling on Jumia’s Black Friday week, the fastest fingers will be the luckiest as products get sold out in a matter of seconds. To prepare you for this upcoming mayhem and give you an edge over other shoppers, we are giving you all the information you need on the top 20 mobile phones to buy on Jumia Black Friday.

In this article, I will be answering all your obvious questions and showing you how and when to get breathtaking discounts this Jumia Black Friday season.

1. Is Jumia Black Friday a Scam?

No, it is not a scam, The Jumia Black Friday sales started since 2013 when eCommerce was still in its infancy in Nigeria. There have been so many testimonies from people who got the best deals from Jumia during their Black Friday sales. Whoever told you its a scam, didn’t know when exactly the deal starts or didn’t know how to place an order.

2. When are The Sales Starting Or Is It Just A Single Day?

No one knows with certainty when Flash Sales will begin for every product. As its name suggests, the sales come in a flash, and before trending on social media networks, they disappear again. As there are millions of Nigerian users on social media sites, only a small fraction get to hear of it on time, who would have placed their order on the few quantities of that product, earmarked for the segment.

To stop their site from crashing on the last Friday of November which is globally recognized as “Black Friday”. Jumia did something Nigerians would love this year, as they spread out the discount sales to last for a month. Yes, you heard that right! For a whole month, Jumia Black Friday sales have started since November 13th and it will run until December 13th, let the shopping begin! Get all the flash sales here.

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3. Will All The Products Be On Sale For 80% Discount?

All the products on a site can’t be discounted at the same rate, it is literally not possible. Some products might have as low as just 20% discount, while others might have as high as 80% discount. Yes, you heard that right! Especially the Jumia Flash Sale during the Black Friday duration. Jumia Flash sales are typically between 50% discount to 80% discount.

4. When Is The Time For Jumia Flash Sales?

Flash sales are the highlights of the whole Black Friday drama on Jumia. Because that’s when you would get the best deals at unbelievable prices. There are specific timings for each flash sale, but it doesn’t last the whole day. No one actually knows when the flash sale would start with each product.

It comes in a flash, and before it trends on social media, it goes off again. There are millions of Nigerians on social media, so before you would have heard of it. Hundreds of thousands of people would have placed that order, and there might only be just a few of that product in the store.

5. Would There Be A Flash Sale Coupon Code And How Do I Get It?

It’s not just about knowing when the flash sale will start on Jumia. They also give coupon codes, you will need to input during check-out, so the discounts would be applied to your Cart. You need to be following Jumia Nigeria officially social media handles on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages. If you already have an account on Jumia, you might receive emails as well about the coupon codes and flash sale. The coupon codes are typically released an hour before the actual Flash Sale.

6. Do I Need A Jumia Account To Place An Order?

Of course, you do, you need to open the account right now. Do you want to be opening an account when people are placing orders during the flash sale? To buy anything on Jumia, you need to have a verified account with them, to proceed check-out. Also make sure you are logged in on the site before the flash sales, to avoid stories that touch.

7. Do I Need To Fill Out My Shipping Address?

Yes, you are supposed to fill out everything on your account correctly, including your shipping address. I would advise you to fill them out now, not when you would want to process your Cart. As you would be asked to fill them before checking out, and which might make you miss out on amazing deals during the flash sale

Tips to get the best deals on Jumia Black Friday 2021

Since the flash sale is all about the fastest finger first, you need the most stable data network. If your current network provider isn’t that stable, then you need to change it asap, at least just for the flash sales.

No matter how hard you try it, you can’t buy the whole of Jumia. Even during the flash sale, you are only allowed to buy one product at a time. At the same time, you might not be able to get a single product during the flash sale. But that shouldn’t bring you down, throughout the 30 days Black Friday period you might see some nice deals if you snoop around on Jumia. Although they might not be up to 80% off, you never can tell.

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