iPhone 7 and 7 Plus set to be unveiled on September 7

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, according to Apple will be officially announced at its event on the 7th of September. The Californian-based company is billed to announce these two devices; the iPhone 7 and 7 plus.

According to rumour, Apple is ditching the standard audio jack to make the new iPhone 7 and 7 plus set thinner and smaller than the current models on the market now. The physical button will also be giving way to a new pressure-sensitive touch ID. The bigger version; iPhone 7 Plus will feature a dual camera setup for better low-light photography. Whether many Apple fans will be able to cope with this is a matter of time and everything will become clearer during the iPhone 7 launch.

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It’s not yet revealed how much the devices will be going for but reports have it that the devices will be on sale from September 16 to 23rd.

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