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Interesting 3D Renders of Xiaomi foldable device Revealed

If you can recall, a video of Xiaomi foldable phone was leaked in Weibo last month. In the video, we saw the company’s founder displaying the phone and showing us how the device works.

Finally, LetGoDigital has confirmed an official statement from the company concerning the background of the design and development of the device and as well as how they bypassed barriers with the flexible display and folding mechanism. Also, they talked about how MIUI reacts to the phones folding mechanism.  According to the company, they are partnering with suppliers in the development of the display.

Some cool renders of the device which was based on the previous rumours were also published by LetGoDigital. Although the user interface (UI) that was displayed might not be used by Xiaomi in the device. And sources revealed that Xiaomi is considering two names for the prototype. The first been “Xiaomi Dual Flex” and the second being “Xiaomi Mix flex”. But we are not sure if the company will use any of the two names. They might still choose a different name for the device.

Xiaomi’s Global PR Team official statement:  The double folding smartphone is the latest innovation by Xiaomi. One of the key components of the phone, the flexible folding screen, is co-developed by Xiaomi and its supply chain partner. Aside from the screen, its design, folding mechanism and MIUI adaptation are developed by us.

Xiaomi is first in the world to present a double folding smartphone and has the same technical challenges posed in its three different form factors – double folded, single folded, and tablet form. Prior to finding the best solution, Xiaomi has conducted extensive research into the development of a robust folding mechanism.

Each innovation is the result of joint, cumulative R & D efforts from supply chain partners and the device manufacturer. It is misguided to think a folding screen can be easily turned into a folding smartphone without significant breakthroughs in technology. Each segment of the industrial chain has its unique contribution. Xiaomi believes that innovative products and great user experience are possible with sound collaboration and participation from all parties.

The previous video revealed that the device will have two foldable sections that bend backwards and wrap behind the phone which will move the UI to the middle section – making it the only area to use the device.  The phone turns to a big tablet mode with thin bezels when the device is opened but the entire display can be used to watch videos and view applications and other things.

Xiaomi foldable phone 3d renders

The cameras were not displayed on the video so the renders left it out. But we might see one camera behind the section of the device and so there might still be one or more at the flaps of the display unfolded in order to use a camera.

In the video also, there is a button at the middle top of the device while there is also a USB – C port at the bottom of the device. We also believe that there will be earpiece at the top of the bezel.

The smartphone industry is getting saturated every day so we are expecting to see lots of innovations like foldable phones, 5G phones etc.

Source Via LetGo Digital

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