Government Jobs in the USA for Foreign Graduates

Each year, many people from other countries come to America. They want new job opportunities or to continue their education. After graduating from university, some foreign students want to work for the US government. 

Government jobs can provide stable careers with benefits. You get to use your skills and knowledge to help America too. This article describes 10 government jobs that allow foreign graduates to apply. 


These roles come from different government agencies like Customs, the State Department, IRS, EPA and more. Each job needs a 4-year university degree but in various topics. Some prefer people with certain experiences too.

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All the jobs offer salaries from $30,000 to $80,000 or more per year. Pay can increase with more education or time on the job. Benefits provide healthcare and time off from work as well. 

This article will explain each of the 10 government roles briefly. It will tell what degree or skills are required. Also the average starting salary range for each one. 

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Finding the right career after school in a new country can be hard. These public service jobs may interest foreign graduates wanting stable careers in America. 

1. Customs and Border Protection Officer 

CBP Officers make sure people and things entering America are safe. They work at ports like airports and border crossings. CBP checks passports, questions travellers, and inspects vehicles. 

You need a 4-year college degree in any topic. Good skills include being able to think fast, solve problems, and be comfortable with technology. Many majors can qualify like criminal justice, law, or transportation. 

As a CBP Officer, your starting pay is usually between $35,000 to $50,000 a year. With more experience, pay can go up to $80,000 or more. Officers get health insurance and paid time off from work too. 

Some get stationed near big cities or foreign countries. You learn skills in security, immigration and trade regulation. Training teaches how to spot illegal things or catch unsafe travellers. CBP Officers play a key role in securing America’s borders every day.

2. Immigration Services Officer  

These officers review forms for citizenship, visas, green cards and work permits. They verify ID, check fingerprints, and interview applicants. Officers decide if the paperwork is complete enough to approve.

A 4-year college diploma with any major qualifies. Knowledge of US immigration law helps me succeed in this job. You must pass background checks to work with sensitive paperwork and systems. 

Pay starts around $30,000 to $50,000 each year depending on the city and experience level. Benefits include medical, dental and retirement savings plans. Training provides skills in nationality laws, customer service and case processing.

Officers help immigrants legally become residents or citizens. They answer public questions about visa options too. It’s a career assisting people throughout the immigration system daily in America.

3. State Department Foreign Service Officer

These diplomats work overseas or inside America at embassies. Officers do jobs like analyzing politics in other countries, helping citizens there, or supporting trade deals. Travelling abroad comes with this interesting job.

Any 4-year college degree works if applying. However, competitive tests screen applicants strictly. Candidates must pass medical clearances and security investigations too. Extensive training introduces international programs and protocols. 

Starting annual pay falls around $38,000-$44,000 and increases based on status and cost of living elsewhere. Housing, transport, healthcare and schooling get funded for diplomats’ families living internationally for tours of duty.

Representing America worldwide in a diplomatic capacity appeals to those seeking global experiences. Working locally or abroad, your service impacts international relations at an important level.

4. IRS Revenue Agent  

Agents review tax documents of people and businesses of all sizes to check for errors or cheating. Strong accounting, finance, law or math skills help identify issues or red flags. Computers audit returns for potential problems too. 

Positions ask for related 4-year degrees including accounting, economics or law. Certifications demonstrate subject expertise. Careers start at $38,000 but pay scales can reach over $100,000 depending on the city, credentials and years of experience. 

Revenue Agents wield math skills to investigate individuals and corporations not paying their share. Teamwork gets employed to solve complex auditing cases as well. Public service positions support tax collection efforts nationwide.  

5. Contract Specialist 

These specialists work at agencies like the Defense Department or NASA. They write, modify and manage government contracts for services, construction, supplies and more. Specialists understand the rules of competitive bidding.

Business, procurement, accounting or finance degrees qualify for entry-level jobs paying between $35,000-$50,000. Knowledge of acquisition processes helps develop ethical agreements in the government’s best interests. 

Many roles exist across America providing opportunities everywhere. Experience can push annual pay over $100,000 as skills sharpen over 20+ years. Specialists ensure taxpayer dollars get spent as intended on vital projects. Their work affects military, infrastructure and research programs nationwide.

6. Special Agent (TIGTA)

These agents investigate fraud and wrongdoing at the IRS. That includes auditing corruption, taxpayer abuse, identity theft and other tax-related crimes. You need a college degree related to law, accounting, or criminal justice. 

Starting pay is around $40,000-$60,000 yearly depending on location and credentials. Extensive training teaches various investigative techniques. Agents get firearms certified too for dangerous cases. 

Fieldwork means following leads all over the country. Strong instincts and paying close attention to details help crack complex financial cases. Serving justice protects tax collection integrity nationwide.

7. Environmental Engineer (EPA) 

Engineers research and test air, water and soil for toxins. They inspect industrial sites ensuring regulatory compliance too. A STEM degree in engineering, science or related fields qualifies. 

Salary starts at about $35,000-$50,000 but increases over time. Federal benefits provide job security. Engineers help create healthier living conditions through pollution control programs.

Careers exist to tackle problems everywhere. Employee expertise gets consulted widely on protecting air and water quality nationally. Challenging projects utilize technical skills for environmental protection serving communities.

8. Federal Air Marshal  

These marshals travel on domestic and foreign flights discreetly armed. The mission ensures air travel security from passenger threats. Candidates pass detailed background checks due to this position’s sensitive nature.

A 4-year degree meets preliminary requirements. Extensive additional training teaches assessing dangerous scenarios and using firearms proficiently. Annual pay begins at around $80,000 once certified. 

Law enforcement careers appear exciting serving on the frontlines of national security every time boarding an aircraft. Skills get sharpened by reacting swiftly to unpredictable situations anywhere worldwide. Travel allows us to see various home cities too.

9. Patent Examiner

Examiners evaluate patent applications at the Patent and Trademark Office. Your background researches invention ideas for originality before offering legal protections. Majors especially in engineering, computer or hard sciences best suit this position. 

Starting salary falls between $49,000-$85,000 correlating closely to education levels. Benefits here include health insurance plus learning opportunities from top-notch technical training.

Reviewing cutting-edge concepts daily challenges intellectual curiosity. Careers exist anywhere needing fast-tracked remote work too. Guiding innovations benefit industries, jobs and technology’s future nationwide. 

10. Statistician (BLS)  

Statisticians collect facts vital to governments, companies and research areas. They analyze figures to spot significant trends useful for policymaking. Applicants bring strong math, analytical and computer skills from any college major.

Starting pay ranges between $35,000-$50,000. Federal benefits come added to potentially remote jobs existing across America. Experience boosts earnings substantially over time.

Unlocking stories underlying raw numbers helps countless communities. Accessible explanations spread knowledge empowering positive economic and social changes nationwide.

How to Get These Jobs?

To apply for these US government jobs, one of the best places to start is Indeed is a very popular website where many companies and agencies post job openings. This includes government employers.

On Indeed, you can search specifically for keywords like “government jobs” or the agency you’re interested in, like “EPA jobs” or “Department of State jobs”. This will show you listings for open positions across the country. 

When you find a role you think you qualify for, click on it to see the full job description and application instructions. Most will let you apply directly through their website or may ask you first to create an account. 

Be sure to follow all the steps and meet any deadlines listed. Have your resume and documents ready to upload. Applying through official postings increases your chances of moving forward in the process.

Checking job sites regularly is important, as new postings become available every week. Stay patient, as government hiring takes time. With some persistence through sites like Indeed, anyone can eventually find the perfect civil service opportunity to get their foot in the door.


This article talked about 10 government jobs open for foreign graduates in America. The roles come with benefits like healthcare, paid time off, and retirement plans. Salaries start from $30,000 up to over $100,000 based on the job and your skills. 

Many options exist helping important areas. From securing borders and processing immigration to insuring tax fairness, protecting the environment and more. Careers allow serving communities through analyzing trade, combating fraud and keeping air travel safe too. 

All the jobs provide stable careers helping the US with your education and talents. While requirements vary, any university major can qualify for entry-level positions. Strong qualifications like specialized degrees raise starting pay. 

Choosing where to build your future matters. Consider locations with lower costs of living and offering good job opportunities. Also think about climate, culture and experiences appealing most to you. 

Government work utilizes education to serve the greater public good. Finding the right career path takes research matching goals with available options. With determination and preparation, many foreign graduates succeed in gaining great jobs helping America each year.