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Good Bye to Google Allo as it finally Shuts Down

If you have been following the Tech giant Google, you will discover that this year is not a good year for their messaging Apps. Barely few weeks to the final closure of the Google Plus platform, Google will be shutting down another messaging App “Allo” today. The App has not received any update since January last year and in December last year, Google announced Allo’s planned closure. A look at the Apps landing page shows a good-bye message which recommends users to move on to Android messages.

The Allo messaging App was unveiled in 2016 alongside Google hangouts and Androids SMS App. “messenger”. And along with them is the Google Assistant. When the App was unveiled newly, it allowed users to communicate with the Google assistant. With the App, you could say something or even input commands into the Google Assistant conversation window.

The App seemed to be an upgrade to the Google now with its voice commands which were friendlier and have more personality – just less like a robot but more like a Siri. And finally, the App would be integrated into Android devices and users can access it by holding the home button. But it is sad that Allo’s fate seems to be a bit different.

The Google Allo App ended up as a platform where Google test new messaging features which they will integrate into the default Android SMS App; Android messages. Google focused more on RCs and how to improve the default messaging experience. This made their engineers focus mainly on upgrading Google messages with new features like predictive replies, stickers and a web interface.

Source: Google

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