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GENVIDEOS: How to download from Genvideos

Genvideos is a great website where you can stream movies on your internet enabled device like a smartphone, PC etc. The website has quite a considerable amount of movie collection in its database however, it is still lagging behind when compared to other movie streaming and downloading websites. Though Genvideos have high-quality movies in 720p and mostly 1080p for your viewing pleasure. So if you’re the kind that hates watching blurry movies and want a High-quality movie then Genvideos is definitely for you.

Now, Genvideos is a streaming website and if you have a good internet connection then you can probably just stream the movies directly on their websites with it taking up your storage space. However, if your internet isn’t that good and buffers all the time then you might want to download the whole movie, that is if you have enough storage as high-quality movies aren’t small in size before you start watching so as to avoid interruptions as a result of bad internet connection.

If you’ve made up your mind to download, instead of streaming on the website then all you have to do is to simply follow the outlined steps below to download that movie you want.

How To Download From Genvideos on PC and Mobile

First, we will be showing two ways to download from Genvideos; First is on PC before we move on to Mobile which is the second method. However, you can use the Mobile Method on your PC but can’t use the PC method on Mobile. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Download From Genvideos On PC Using Eagle Get.

Eagle Get is a video catcher which you can use to not only download videos from Genvideos but also from other streaming websites. It also an add-on for Google Chrome and Firefox on PC so if you have any of those browsers installed on your PC then it will be very easy to make use of Eagle Get. The best part about Eagle-Net? It’s absolutely free. Follow the steps to Use Eagle Get.

– Launch either your Google Chrome or FireFox Browser.

– Open a Plug-in or Extension Tab and Search for “EagleGet”

– Once Extension/Plug-in up, Add it to your browser by clicking on “Add to Chrome”

– After adding it, Visit the Genvideos Website and Click on a video to be streamed. Immediately you do that, you’ll get a pop-up notification from EagleGet at the top right side of your browser.

– Click on it and you’ll be required to choose the format in which you want the video to be downloaded.

– After that, your video starts downloading.

How To Download From Genvideos on Mobile Using 9xBuddy

9xBuddy also an online video catcher/Downloader which allows users to download videos from the various streaming site. Unlike EagleGet that is an extension which automatically does everything for you, 9xbuddy requires you to do most of the work as it is online based. However, it’s pretty straightforward once you get used to it.

– Visit the Genvideos Website and Select a video you would like to download. Once you get to the streaming page, copy the URL link.

– Now, Go to the 9xbuddy Website[], Once you get to the page. You’ll see a space provided with the Download button below.

– Past the Link in the space provided and hit Download. Your Download will start and when it is completed, you’ll be able to watch the movie offline.

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