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Facebook Messenger now allows you to send higher-resolution images

Facebook has announced that they have raised the resolution of photos that are delivered to recipients on their Messenger app. Which means photos that are sent to recipients, would be seen in the same quality on the senders phone. In case you don’t know before now, Apps like Telegram, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp always compress high resolution images.

Maybe to reduce uploading and downloading time, we don’t know for sure. But high resolution images always get compressed before it is delivered to the recipient.

Facebook Messenger’s image resolution has been on 2K (2048 x 2048 pixels) for a while now. The new App update allows you send photos of up to 4K resolution (4096 x 4096 pixels). I’m not that surprised though, most flagships released this year has cameras with 4K resolution.

Facebook Messenger's

These new smartphones takes photos of more than 4000 x 4048 pixels. Especially the cameras on iPhone X, Pixel 2, Samsung Galaxy S8 or Note8. So now if you take photos with these new devices, your recipient should be able to see them as they appear on your screen.

According to Facebook, the high resolution images will be sent just as quickly as before. Which means the same time it takes to send a 2K resolution image before, would be the same time it will take to send a 4K image.

The higher resolution feature, which Facebook calls “4K images” is now available on iPhone and Android once you update the App. If you can’t find the update on the Play Store yet, don’t worry. The new feature is available to users in the US, Canada, France, Australia, the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea.

Facebook will keep on rolling out 4K images to additional countries in the coming weeks.

Joseph Young
Joseph Young
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