Current Prices of Phones In SLOT Nigeria (February 2018)

Prices of Phones In SLOT Nigeria

See all current prices of phones in Slot here. is Nigeria’s number one phone retail store, with millions of fans nationwide. Its the most trusted in the country, having been in the country for years before the likes of 3C Hub came around.

In this article, you get to see all the current prices of phones in Slot before leaving your house. So you get to plan ahead and have in mind how much your dream phone retails for in Slot. These are the current prices of phones in Slot Nigeria, all the phones available on Slot are listed below.

All Current Prices of Phones In SLOT Nigeria

Current Prices Of Apple iPhones In Slot Nigeria

・Apple iPhone 6 32GB: N130,000
・Apple iPhone 7 128GB: N260,000
・Apple iPhone 7 256GB: N275,000
・Apple iPhone 7 32GB: N225,000
・Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128GB: N290,000
・Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB: N270,000
・Apple iPhone 8 256GB: N320,000
・Apple iPhone 8 64GB: N285,000
・Apple iPhone 8 Plus 256GB: N380,000
・Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64GB: N340,000
・Apple iPhone X 256GB: N470,000
・Apple iPhone X 64GB: N420,000
・Apple iPad Pro 256GB: N410,000
・Apple iPad Pro 512GB: N480,000

Current Prices Of Samsung Galaxy Phones In Slot Nigeria

・Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017): N122,000
・Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016): N90,000
・Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017): N126,000
・Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017): N144,000
・Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (J2504): N49,000
・Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus: N183,000
・Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro: N84,000
・Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime: N84,000
・Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus: N36,000
・Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini: N25,000
・Samsung Galaxy J120: N37,000
・Samsung Galaxy J200: N43,000
・Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016): N40,000)
・Samsung Galaxy J5: N39,500
・Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime: N66,000
・Samsung Galaxy J7 Neo: N68,000
・Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro: N106,000
・Samsung Galaxy S7: N170,000
・Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: N238,000
・Samsung Galaxy S8: N233,000
・Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: N254,000
・Samsung Galaxy Note 8: N298,000
・Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: N219,000
・Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1-inch: N108,000
・Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1-inch with S-Pen: N120,000
・Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0: N52,000
・Samsung Galaxy Tab E: N68,000
・Samsung Galaxy Tab S2: N204,000

Current Prices Of Tecno Phones In Slot Nigeria

・Tecno Canon C9: N40,000
・Tecno Camon CM: N47,000
・Tecno Camon CX: N54,200
・Tecno Camon CX Air: N45,000
・Tecno Droidpad 10 Pro II: N95,000
・Tecno Droidpad 7D: N30,200
・Tecno L8 Lite: N29,600
・Tecno L9: N36,000
・Tecno L9 Plus: N48,500
・Tecno Phantom 6: N63,000
・Tecno Phantom 6 Plus: N108,000
・Tecno Phantom 8: N128,000
・Tecno Phonepad 3: N55,000
・Tecno Phonepad 7E: N42,000
・Tecno Spark K7: N33,500
・Tecno Spark K7 Plus: N39,100
・Tecno Spark K9 Plus: N43,300
・Tecno W1: N16,200
・Tecno W2: N19,300
・Tecno W3 LTE: N27,500
・Tecno W5 Lite: N32,500
・Tecno WX3: N24,000
・Tecno WX3 LTE: N28,000
・Tecno WX3 Pro: N26,200
・Tecno Y2: N15,900

Current Prices Of Infinix Phones In Slot Nigeria

・Infinix Hot 4 Pro: N42,000
・Infinix Hot 5: N38,500
・Infinix Hot 5 Lite: N33,500
・Infinix Hot S: N45,000
・Infinix Hot S2 Pro: N49,000
・Infinix Note 3 LTE: N52,000
・Infinix Note 4: N59,000
・Infinix Note 4 Pro: N67,500
・Infinix Smart: N29,500
・Infinix Zero 4: N61,500
・Infinix Zero 4 Pro: N83,000
・Infinix Zero 5: N105,000
・Infinix Zero 5 Pro: N122,000

Current Prices Of Nokia Phones In Slot Nigeria

・Nokia 2: N32,000
・Nokia 3: N43,000
・Nokia 5: N63,000
・Nokia 6: N83,000
・Nokia 8: N176,000

Current Prices Of HTC Phones In Slot Nigeria

・HTC Desire G+: N67,000
・HTC U Ultra: N260,000

Current Prices Of Lenovo Phones In Slot Nigeria

・Lenovo Vibe C: N20,000
・Lenovo P1M: N51,000
・Lenovo K4 Note: N55,000
・Lenovo K5 Note: N59,500
・Lenovo K10A: N25,000
・Lenovo Vibe P2: N98,000
・Lenovo K6 Power: N65,000
・Lenovo A2016: N29,000
・Lenovo P1A: N42,000

Current Prices Of Gionee Phones In Slot Nigeria

・Gionee X1s: N55,000
・Gionee M5: N65,000
・Gionee P5 Mini: N24,000
・Gionee A1 Lite: N65,000
・Gionee A1: N79,000
・Gionee M5 Plus: N90,000
・Gionee S6s: N55,500
・Gionee M6: N96,000
・Gionee M6 Mirror: N54,000
・Gionee P8W: N30,000
・Gionee M5 Mini: N41,000

Current Prices Of Huawei Phones In Slot Nigeria

・Huawei Y5 2017: N45,000
・Huawei GR3 2017: N65,500
・Huawei P9 Lite: N95,000
・Huawei P9 Plus: N210,00
・Huawei P9: N190,000
・Huawei Mate S: N174,000
・Huawei P8: N125,000
・Huawei Mate 7: N138,000
・Huawei GR5: N97,000
・Huawei GR3: N58,000
・Huawei Y5 II: N34,000
・Huawei Mate 9: N270,000
・Huawei Y6 II: N52,000
・Huawei M2 10: N100,000

Current Prices Of Fero Phones In Slot Nigeria

・Fero Royale Y2: N41,500
・Fero A5500: N26,500
・Fero A5000: N20,000
・Fero Power 3: N25,500
・Fero Royale Y1: N35,000
・Fero Royale J1: N29,000
・Fero Pad 8: N46,000
・Fero Pad 7: N26,500
・Fero Zoom: N25,500
・Fero Pace: N28,000
・Fero Power 2: N24,000
・Fero L100: N24,500
・Fero Mega: N38,000
・Fero A4502: N16,200
・Fero A4501: N23,000
・Fero A5002: N23,000

Current Prices Of Itel Phones In Slot Nigeria

・itel S32: N32,500

Current Prices Of INNJOO Phones In Slot Nigeria

・Innjoo Halo 3: N40,000
・Innjoo X3: N17,500

Current Prices Of Partner Mobile Phones In Slot Nigeria

・Partner E15: N18,500
・Partner E15 Plus: N22,500
・Partner KS1: N11,000
・Partner PS1: N33,000

Current Prices Of Pano Mobile Phones In Slot Nigeria

・Pano Boom P1: N23,500

Current Prices Of Solo Phones In Slot Nigeria

・Solo S400: N12,500

Current Prices Of Motorola Phones In Slot Nigeria

・Motorola Moto G5S: N72,000
・Motorola C 4G: N26,000
・Motorola C Plus: N36,500
・Motorola E4 Plus: N49,000
・Motorola G4 Play: N43,000
・Motorola G5: N69,000
・Motorola G5 Plus: N84,000
・Motorola Moto E4: N46,000
・Motorola Z: N185,000

Current Prices Of ZTE Phones In Slot Nigeria

・ZTE A452 Plus: N30,000
・ZTE A610 Plus: N65,000
・ZTE Blade A910: N43,000
・ZTE Blade L110: N12,500
・ZTE Blade L5: N20,000
・ZTE Blade S7: N47,000
ZTE Blade V7 Max: N58,000
・ZTE Tablet E7L: N31,000


These are all the current prices of phones in Slot Nigeria, most of thes phones comes with a gift. Prices may vary depending on the state you stay, Slot may decide to change the prices at anytime.

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