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Best Cricket Apps for Sports Lovers

The official cricket season spans from January to December, thereby giving ample opportunities for fans to soak in on the action over the course of 12 months.

If you are a die-hard cricket fan, there are thousands of top cricket apps available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store that let you keep track of your favourite sport on the move. There are also a ton of games that can keep you occupied for hours, but the best part of these apps is that they are usually free to use and don’t take up a lot of your device’s resources. Here are some of the top cricketing apps that are a must-have for your Android or Apple device.

Best Cricket Apps for Android and iOS

Cricket News Apps

Cricket news app-Best Cricket Apps for Android and iOS

In today’s connected world, it is quite easy for fans to stay connected to the world of cricket through the best cricket news apps. Although some may argue that news websites and cricket resources are better in terms of live updates, but we beg to differ. A cricket news app such as Cricbuzz allows you to personalize your feed and get live on-time updates as and when an event occurs.

Most of these apps even store important information when the device goes offline, only to restore the feed once the user reconnects his/her device to the internet. Therefore, cricket news apps are a must-have for every cricketing fan. Most sports broadcasters and news channels also provide their proprietary mobile applications for live news updates, which are available either as a free version or with a paid subscription.

Cricket Live Score Apps

Cricket live scores app

Having a live score app is quite vital if you want to follow a match closely while on the move. Live score updates are provided by a ton of different apps that are available from the respective app stores; however, you must choose one that not only offers accurate and timely information but one that also offers detailed statistics and expert analysis of the match. If you are looking to wager on matches, it would be an even better idea to install an app that provides historical data, such as the ESPNcricinfo app, which can certainly help you to make better predictions based on the past and present results. Live score apps are usually available as a free download but don’t mind the extra costs of a paid app if it provides you with all the data that you may need.

Cricket Live Streaming Apps

Live streaming apps are not as easy to come by as the regular cricket live score or news apps. For instance, matches played by India may not be readily available for free live streaming, due to the strict broadcasting laws that are imposed by the BCCI. Nevertheless, some exclusive apps do support live streaming of all matches in a season, albeit at an added cost in the form of premium membership or a minimum subscription fee.

Elsewhere, some apps like Hotstar offer delayed streaming with advertisement breaks, but these apps may not offer the full experience that you may desire. Of course, Hotstar does offer a live feed option for paid members, but the broadcasting rights change from tournament to tournament. Therefore, you must experiment with different providers to choose the best option that suits your requirements.

Cricket Gaming Apps

Cricket games are an excellent tool to stay preoccupied during downtime or to keep yourself amused during the off-season. Modern smartphones and tablets pack more punch than the average desktop, which allows games to employ the best graphics and advanced AI for a thoroughly enjoyable gaming experience. Popular cricket game apps such as World Cricket Championship 2 and Real Cricket offer fantastic gameplay and incredible graphics, but other apps offer tournament-specific playing options such as T20, IPL, Test, and the Big Bash League. With a host of customization options, a good cricket game can help you to kill boredom, along with giving you the free will to play the game as you intend it to be.


These are some of the essential apps that are relevant to a cricket fan, but there are several more if you are keen on spending the extra time finding these apps. Then there is the question of the price you pay for using an app, as even though most users prefer free apps, a paid app does have certain advantages. As a paid user, you can enjoy ad-free interfaces, value-added services, less dependence on mobile battery usage, and premium coverage, which is sure to justify the cost of the subscription.

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