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Top 10 Countries with the Best Tech Startups

Innovation is the heart of all start-ups. Start-ups seem to be the newest way of doing business. It is the new catchphrase in business. Usually, the young entrepreneurs or a group of entrepreneurs use the medium of start-ups in introducing a new product or service.

The most important task for any start-up is to offer the legitimacy of their idea and attract investors. Start-ups on their own have a high collapsing rate, but if the business is able to work out well, the success of the business is beyond imagination. Start-ups are usually small groups of businesses and their financial support usually comes from the entrepreneurs themselves or through their friends and family.

Generally, there are a lot of countries that encourage start-ups. Start-ups are very essential in supporting new businesses and make you have more ideas in order to move forward. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 countries with the best tech start-ups that are deemed to have a start-up-friendly culture.


According to Bill Rancic, Entrepreneur – “The American Dream is still alive out there, & hard work will get you there. You don’t necessarily need to have an Ivy League education or to have millions of dollars of start-up money. It can be done with an idea, hard work & determination.”

The United States of America is a highly capitalistic country. In addition to Silicon Valley, The US has the highest number of start-ups. They have a long history and a well-developed culture of entrepreneurship.  

The culture of the U.S.A is start-up friendly with the Silicon Valley being the most accepted area for tech start-ups. There are lots of start-up hubs all through the country including San Francisco, Austin, New York, San Diego and Atlanta.

The United States of America is estimated to have at least 68,893 start-ups. It has also been voted by most people as the most start-up-friendly country in the whole universe. The entrepreneurial infrastructure and the technical labour force of the U.S.A assist them to excel from the rest of the world.

One impressive thing about the United States of America start-ups is it has an amazing success when it comes to start-ups. About 64.7% of the Unicorns are usually from the United States of America.

Unicorn is a word or expression that refers to a start-up that has a value of a minimum of one billion dollars. That is what makes the USA a great country. They are not just having the highest number of start-ups, but they are also having the highest number of successful start-ups.


This ranking is strictly based on the number of start-ups, India comes in the second position on our list. It is the second-best country for start-ups. India has about 11,162 startups which automatically makes it the country with the second-highest number of start-ups in the world.

In terms of having the most user-friendly culture, India is ranked 5th position.  About 4.1% of the unicorns are usually from India. India has a good and great culture for startups. With no doubt, India is the best place for Startups in South Asia. It has miles ahead of its neighbouring countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal when it comes to startups.


The United Kingdom comes in the 3rd position in our list with an estimation of 5,878 startups. About 2.5% shares of unicorns are usually from the United Kingdom. It also is ranked 2nd position with the best startup culture in the world immediately after the United States of America. The UK has a great entrepreneurial structure for promoting startups. 


Canada is ranked 3rd position in the list of countries with the most startup-friendly culture. It has an estimate of about 3,057 startups. Canada is the country with the fourth-highest number of start-ups in the world. With about 1.6% of the unicorns are from Canada. It is said to have the eighth-highest number of unicorns in the world.


According to Ciaran O’Leary, Earlybird VC – “It is used to be German business students building, German companies for the German market with German investors. Now it is folks from all over the world, building global companies & backed by some of the best investors from around the world.” 

Germany is one of the largest economies in Europe. They are the world’s fourth-largest economy and also the largest European economy.  They are ranked in 5th position on our list with an estimation of 2,229 startups. With about 2.0% of the total unicorns are from Germany. Germany also has one of the most welcoming startup cultures in the world. 

The country sees start-ups as a positive business environment as well as a transparent business culture and a highly educated workforce. The language mostly spoken in Germany is English and this makes it easier to build a multinational company and attract diverse talent. Some examples of German start-up success stories include Clue, SoundCloud, and Trivago.

Germans are rapid in adopting the latest technologies and give a lot of freedom to the workers. The workers are usually allowed to select their own hours as long as they are always present in the core work hours.


Australia is ranked the 6th position in our list with an estimation of about 2,013 startups. With 0.9% of the total number of unicorns are usually from Australia. The work culture of Australia is very conducive to most startups. The best Cities in Australia for start-ups are Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth.


France takes the 7th ranked position on our list with an estimated 1,541 startups. With about 0.2% of the total number of unicorns are from France. The ecosystem of France provides both great start-up opportunities and established businesses. France has a more conservative culture.


Spain is the country with the 8th ranked position on our list Spain has an estimation of about 1,375 startups. with about 0,1% of the number. It comes out to be the 20th position in the ranking out of the most startup-friendly countries in the world. Spain has a good culture and a friendly startup. Spain is yet to achieve remarkable success in startups.


Brazil has the 9th uppermost figure of startups in the world. With an estimate of about 1,162 startups in Brazil. Brazil comes out to be the 42nd in ranking position on the list of most startup-friendly countries in the world. Also with about 0.1%, the total numbers of unicorns are from Brazil.

Brazil has a lot of infrastructural issues that hamper the growth of startups. It is expected that in the future, the startup scene in Brazil is going to improve.


Singapore provides a gateway to the nearly 600 million people living within the Southeast Asian region. The government provides positive support to start-ups through innovative policies and significant subsidies.

Singapore has an estimate of about 1,034 startups. Singapore has the 10th maximum figure of startups and it is said to be the 13th most startup-friendly country in the world. About 2.2% of unicorns in the world are mostly from Singapore.

Singapore has a well-built and improved start-up community with about 100 incubators and accelerators, with more than 150 venture capital investors. Some of the most winning start-ups that are from Singapore include Grab, Lazada, and Garena.

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