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COREN Registration Requirement and Procedure

Council for the Registration of Engineers (COREN) is the regulatory body responsible for the regulation of both engineering training and practice in Nigeria. When you’ve done your COREN registration, it gives you all the recognition you need as a registered Engineer anywhere in the country.

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The council was established by Decree 55 of 1970 and amended by Decree 27 of 1992 now referred to as the “Engineers Act”, CAP E11 2004 Law of Federal Republic of Nigeria. This makes it the statutory body empowered to regulate Engineering practice in Nigeria.

The decree laid out the abbreviation allowed for use by each cadre as below:

  • The abbreviation “Engr” shall be used before the name of a Registered Engineer
  • The abbreviation “Engn. Tech” shall be used after the name of a Registered Engineering.
  • The abbreviation “Tech” shall be used after the name of a Registered Engineering.
  • The full title “Craftsman” shall be used by a Registered Engineering Craftsman with his trade-in bracket under his name.

The professional body performs the following important functions:

  • It sets the standards in terms of knowledge and skills required in the field for intending registered professional engineers.
  • It adjusts the set standards as soon as the need for it arises.
  • The body is responsible for the Registration of all engineering personnel like Engineering Technicians, Engineering technologists, Engineering craftsmen, Engineers, and Engineering consulting firms that are interested in practicing in Nigeria.
  • Serves as the regulating body for controlling the training and practice of the engineering profession in Nigeria.
  • Responsible for the maintenance of a register of individuals eligible to practice as Engineers while publishing the list often.

Requirements for Engineering Personnel Registration

All engineers domiciled in Nigeria and who would love to become officially registered engineering personnel must meet the following registration requirements:

For Sole-Ownership

  • The owner must be a COREN registered Engineer and also be regular in the payment of his practicing fee.
  • The business must be registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission and with a valid Certificate of Registration.

Required documents for submission include:

  • Copy of Corporate Affairs Form 2 (the form of application)
  • Curriculum Vitae of the owner
  • Brochure of the firm
  • Payment of the correct processing fee
  • Well filled COREN Firm Application Form
  • Corporate Affairs Form CAC 10 (Annual Returns)

For Partnership

  • Two or more registered engineers who own a firm must pay their practicing fees on a regular basis.
  • The establishment must be duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with a valid Certificate of Incorporation.

Required documents for submission include:

  • Copy of Corporate Affairs Commission Form 2 (the Form of application for registration)
  • Curriculum Vitae of each partner
  • Payment of the correct processing fee
  • Copy of the Deed of Partnership
  • Brochure of the Company
  • Well filled COREN Firm Application Form
  •  Corporate Affairs Form CAC 10 (Annual Returns)

For Limited Liability Companies

  • The Engineer(s) must be duly registered with COREN and  must pay his (their) practicing fees on a regular basis
  • The board of directors who are registered Engineers are expected to be shareholders of the company and hold at least 55% shares of the firm.
  • The company must be registered appropriately with the Corporate Affairs Commission with evidence of a Certificate of incorporation.


Required documents for submission

  • Provide a copy of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Certificate of Incorporation of Firm
  • Arrange for a Certified true copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of Firm
  • Get the Certified true copy of CAC Form CO2 and Form C07
  • You must get copies of VAT registration and Tax Clearance Certificates
  • A copy of the PENCOM registration Certificate must be available
  • Provide the Profile or Brochure of the Company
  • Comprehensive CV of Partners or Directors endorsed by applicants who must be ACEN members pay their practicing fees regularly.
  • Short description of the office
  • Detailed list of staff
  • Outline Office Furniture and Equipment owned or available to the firm
  • Provide a list of ACEN, COREN or other equivalent training courses attended in last 2 years with attached copies of Certificates of Attendance.
  • List the specialty software available to the firm
  • List of office facilities and computer, CAD equipment resources available to the firm
  • Outline the current Design Standards, Codes of Practice and Specifications owned
  • Specify the type of Contract Formats that the Firm has and uses (FIDIC, JCT, ICE, NEC)
  • A copy of the Firms Business Plan
  • A Copy of Quality Assurance and Quality Control Policy Manual
  • A copy of HSES Policy Manual
  • A copy of Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Provide a copy of COREN Certificate of the Director(s)
  • Pay the appropriate application and processing fee
  • Duly signed statement of compliance with COREN Code of Conduct

Other Requirements

  • The directors in their entirety must show technical expertise through an in-depth engineering report of at least 2,000 words of designs, studies and supervision of projects carried out with other organizations. In this regard, the minimum acceptable period for such work experience must not be less than five years.
  • The directors of the company shall demonstrate a high level of professionalism by the seniority attained and reveal the level of responsibility carried out in a consulting firm or other similar establishment. The applicant must have led a project team of a reasonable size and will be required to demonstrate this. Such expertise must have been acquired within a period of not less than three years prior to their initial registration with COREN or other recognized certified bodies.
  • The candidate is expected to provide a statement of consultancy experience appropriately signed by the registered consulting firm with COREN, which will serve as a reference letter, and a copy of the firm’s COREN certificate be attached.
  • In every five-year interval, all firms must apply for renewal of their Firm membership. Submission of the application for renewal must be made three months before the expiry date of the most recent membership of the firm. Firms who are found to have stopped their consulting services for a period of five years or more shall be obligated to re-apply for fresh registration for consultancy.
  • Engineers who are expatriates and have been granted provisional registration cannot register a 100% owned Engineering Consulting Firm.
  • Professional Engineers who are duly registered with COREN and wish to register a Consulting Firm can only be allowed it is in Partnership with a Nigerian Engineer. Also, the Partnership agreement must have the Nigerian Engineer as the key shareholder owning at least 55% of the shares whereas the foreign partner holds a minority shareholding.
  • The consulting firms must indicate at the point of registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) that they are consulting firms. It must be specified in the Memorandum of the Association that the company is solely in the consulting business.

Please Note the Following:

  • For new COREN registration, they no longer collect hard copy application forms for the registration of Engineering Personnel. All forms of applications are to be carried out via their official online platform.
  • Any form of inaccurate information supplied during the online application will amount to automatic disqualification.
  • Payments such as application, processing, and interview fees made are non-refundable.
  • The processing timeline for Nigerian Engineering Personnel Registration Applicants is 6 Months while that of expatriates is 3 Months

For complaints or support on Issues relating to Payments, call Accounts on 07016833173. For complaints on Issues concerning the Status of the application or Transcript, call Registration on 07088697820.

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