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Apple iPhone to be manufactured in Bangalore India

Apple iPhone manufacturing plant location, Apple iPhone manufacturing in Bangalore India. Indication has emerged from the Government of karnataka that Apple iPhones will set up a manufacturing plant in India. This means that your next iPhone device could be manufactured in India. The move is believed to reduce the cost of Apple iPhone and directly make more accessible to the India customers.

Apple iPhone manufacturing plant Location in India

The minister of IT for karnataka said that Apple iPhones will be manufactured in Bangalore and the target will be the domestic market. The Taiwanese coy, Wilstron Corp is expected to be in charge of manufacturing and distribution of Apple iPhones in India and Production of iPhone is expected to commence around April this year if everything goes according to plan.

According to Apple iPhone Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook, he made it clear that India “is the place to be”. An over-saturated Chinese market, along with overflowing production make a strong case for such a statement. Still, expanding in developing markets is incredibly tough, especially in value-conscious India. In 2016, iPhone shipments into the country only add up to 2.5 million units- just enough to earn Apple the honorable tenth spot in the most sold brand list, losing badly to budget offers by the likes of Samsung.

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The plan location of Apple iPhone manufacturing plant in India could also mean that iPhone will have it own network of retails outlets across the country.

In the longer term, it’s a great move … We are in discussions on a number of things, including retail stores, and fully intend to invest significantly in the country.

The India market is no doubt a great fertile ground for any mobile brand as reports has that over $1 Billion was generated in 2015 by the US mobile giant and many mobile phone brands having been jostling for space in the India mobile phone market. Source Via

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